All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

2023-03-15 - version 0.2.2


  • Use GitHub code scanning (CodeQL) for integrity check as it replaces LGTM

  • Added a centroid/center of mass functionality to analyse peak position of a spectrum (both in utils` and in LumiSpectrum`)

  • Add documentation of signal tools


  • Replace sphinx.ext.imgmath by sphinx.ext.mathjax to fix the math rendering in the ReadTheDocs build

  • fix external references in the documentation

2022-11-02 - version 0.2.1


  • Improved documentation

  • Use to check code integrity


  • Fix conversion to Raman shift (relative wavenumber) and make jacobian=False default; fix inplace=False for axis conversions

  • Fix to_eV and to_invcm, as slicing with .isig[] was failing on converted signals

  • s.remove_negative now defaults to inplace=False (previously True)


  • Use softprops/action-gh-release action instead of deprecated create-release, pin action to a commit SHA

2022-04-29 - version 0.2.0


  • Set up read the docs documentation

  • Added metadata convention

  • Add proper handling of variance on Jacobian transformation during axis conversion (eV, invcm)


  • Account for the general availability of non-uniform axes with the HyperSpy v1.7 release

  • Make LumiTransient 1D and add 2D LumiTransientSpectrum class

  • Add python 3.10 build, remove python 3.6

  • Fix error in background dimensions that allows compatibility for updated map in HyperSpy (failing integration tests)

  • Fix for links in PyPi

  • Deprecate exposure argument of s.scale_by_exposure in favor of integration_time in line with metadata convention

  • Add deprecation warning to remove_background_from_file

2021-11-23 - version 0.1.3


  • Mentions of the now deleted non_uniform_axes branch in HyperSpy updated to RELEASE_next_minor

  • Change ‘master’ to ‘main’ branch

  • Updated/corrected badges and other things in and other documentation files

2021-08-22 - version 0.1.2


  • This project now keeps a Changelog

  • Added signal-hierarchy for time-resolved luminescence

  • Added GitHub action for release

  • Created logo


  • Consistent black-formatting

  • fixed join_spectra

  • fixed tests

2021-03-26 - version 0.1.0


  • The first release, basic functionality implemented