Fitting luminescence data

LumiSpy is compatible with HyperSpy model fitting. It can fit using both uniform and and non-uniform axes (e.g. energy scale). A general introduction can be found in the HyperSpy user guide.

A detailed example is given in the Fitting_tutorial in the HyperSpy demos repository. See also the LumiSpy demo notebooks for examples of data fitting.


The Jacobian transformation may affect the shape, in particular of broader peaks. It is therefore highly recommended to convert luminescence spectra from wavelength to the energy axis prior to any fitting to obtain the true emission energy. See e.g. [Wang] and [Mooney].

TODO: Show how to extract the modeled signal with all/one component.

Signal variance (noise)

TODO: Documentation on variance handling in the context of fitting, in particular using estimate_poissonian_noise_variance()

For a detailed discussion, see [Tappy]