Fitting luminescence data

LumiSpy is compatible with HyperSpy model fitting. It can fit using both uniform and and non-uniform axes (e.g. energy scale). A general introduction can be found in the HyperSpy user guide.

TODO: Note on advantages of fitting signals in the eV axis (not restricted to Gaussians). See e.g. [Wang]

TODO: Show how to extract the modeled signal with all/one component.

See also the LumiSpy demo notebooks for examples of data fitting.

Signal variance (noise)

TODO: Documentation on variance handling in the context of fitting, in particular using hyperspy.signal.BaseSignal.estimate_poissonian_noise_variance()



Y. Wang and P. D. Townsend, J. Luminesc. 142, 202 (2013). doi:10.1016/j.jlumin.2013.03.052